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Astronomers inform us that newly developed telescopes have led to the discovery of unimagined distances in outer space. They have observed millions of stars larger than our earth, separated from one another by great distances in limitless space. Scientists add that our own earth, a tiny globe, is in continuous motion and has been for thousands of years. It appears like a ball floating in infinite space.


What then is the size of space? How long has it been in existence and for how long will it continue to exist? Such questions lead to much thought and deep meditation. We are no more than very small drops in this immense ocean. Our life is only a temporary span, our earth a little globe floating in endless space. We are only atoms in this world of ours; we are here one moment and gone the next moment. David prophetically declared: “What is man that you remember him, and the son of man that you visit him?”


In the light of modern science, we are in a better position to understand this truth. Clearly, our time of life on earth is extremely short. If we look honestly at ourselves, we shall find that we are nothing.


Does God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, think as we do? Was the prophet Isaiah correct when he wrote: “God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts, His ways are higher than our ways” (Isaiah 55:9)? Normally we place great importance on visible and earthly things, although they do not have much importance. It is fitting that we ask: “Does God care about our existence?” Yes, indeed, He created us in His image setting us above all His other creatures.


We are glad to know that God Almighty watches over us and cares for us, more than we do for ourselves. God cares for us and wishes that we would remain ever in the circle of His mercy. He calls us to look to Him and to believe that He takes pleasure in us and accepts us.


To show you this truth more clearly, let me tell you a true story. A young boy made a small boat with the greatest care and skill. With great pride he carried it to a nearby river to sail it. While he was watching it, a strong wind blew and pushed the boat out into the current. In no time it went out of sight. I need not say how sad the boy was when he realized he had lost his boat. Although only a cheap toy, it was very precious to him.


Some days later the boy chanced to look in a shop window, and there was his lost boat! He wanted it back, of course, as soon as possible. But the price of two dinars was too high for him. He decided however, to buy it despite the cost. He worked hard, and in a short while he had earned enough to buy it. Straight to the shop he went, placed the money before the shop keeper and received the boat. He held it tightly in his arms, and went home joyfully saying to the boat: “I made you, and now I have also bought you; you are doubly mine.”


In this way too God created us and then bought us. The Bible tells us that God, to show His love for us, became man and came to save us. You can ask how this could happen; you can discuss it, or deny it. But if we have faith in God, we believe that God can do all things. He came to us in the person of Jesus Christ. This proved Christ’s love; He became the caring and crucified Savior.


No man, no prophet, no saint ever loved as Jesus Christ does. He sacrificed Himself for us, His enemies. He crossed out our sins and rescued us from eternal pain by dying on the cross. His love is our only hope. How can we stay in the chains of sin, when we can become the children of God?


Jesus has risen from the dead, and thus He frees us from the power of death, that we may live forever with Him. With His blood He paid for our sins. It was an enormous price to pay.


God Himself is love unbounded; so it is not amazing that He paid such a price; it is part of His measureless love


If you wish to learn more about God and His love for us, we invite you to ask for one of our booklets on the subject. We are willing to send it to you free of charge so that you can grow in faith, hope and love.



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