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God created man in his own image.

In the image of God he created him.

Genesis 1:27


Do you believe in an Almighty Creator, or do you accept the teachings of men, which say that man has evolved over the years from a boneless creature into an ape and on to our present image or form of "man"? Scientists among themselves disagree today over this unbelievable theory, but we are glad to confess our faith in the Creator, who brought into existence all things from nothing by His Holy Word. We do not know how He created all things, planets, earth and animals, but we worship Him since He made us. Our existence is not an accident.

The will of the Creator and His Holy Spirit are the beginning of our being. It was His good pleasure to place man higher than any other creature. At first no sin separated man from the Creator's love. The Master's glory was reflected in his face: Man, made in the image of God, in beauty and holiness. Man was loving, and was like God in this respect. Do you bow down before your heavenly Father because He created you in the best form possible? You are called to show the likeness of God clearly in your community. This is God's plan for you.

But man became proud and wanted to be independent. He didn't want to be humble, and so lost his link with his Creator. This egoism shows up in man's misuse of the freedom that was given to him as a mark of his dignity. Self-love ruined the image of God in man. God is love, and he who does not abide in love moves away from God, the source of love, and so he dies.

Thanks be to God, Christ came to our ruined world in the form of man, to renew in man that lost image of God. In Him "all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell". He is the image of the invisible God and "bears the very stamp of God's nature". He who sees Him, sees the Father. His glory was hidden from unbelievers, but shown to His followers. His love, power, and purity were made clear to them. Those who know Christ bow down before Him in worship, since He has made it possible for God's image again to be seen in sinful men.

Christ won the victory over our sins in His body. He loved His enemies. He was not arrogant but remained humble, as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. By His death He destroys our pride and forgives our sins, so we have the privilege of receiving His likeness once again.

No man is worthy or able to reflect the love of God and His truth, or to show His holiness and power, or even to know Him. But when the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in a man, then the "image" of God can be made new in him, for now he bears God's true nature within him and begins to glorify God as his Father.

Christ's blood justifies us; His spirit sanctifies us. When He comes again He will reveal what is hidden today from unbelievers, that we are the children of God. This to believers is joy indeed, though they may pass through troubles, for they are reconciled to God and enjoy eternal peace in their hearts. They can bear the problems of this world patiently. The joy of Christ overflows from them, as from a spring in the wilderness. Their bodies are sanctified, not by self effort, but in the strength of the Holy Spirit; they grow together to be a holy Temple for God in the Spirit.

A young Moroccan has written: "I have seen Christ in the faces of His servants." Do people see His likeness in your life? Does God's mercy shine through you? Are you still bound by sin, or are you living for God's hidden glory? Examine yourself. How are you in relation to God? God's purpose is to make you in His image, to keep you near Him by the benefit of Christ's blood and His Holy Spirit. Thus you will become one of His heavenly family. Have you come to know God as your heavenly Father? Bow down before Him. He is not ashamed to call you His child, because Christ emptied Himself of His glory and in humility became your brother.

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