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All who labor and are heavy laden.


Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,

For I am gentle and humble in heart.


For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

(Matthew 11:28-30)


If our insight and understanding were stronger, we would see the hidden troubles and pains of those around us, as well as the evil in their lives. This would alarm us or even make us shiver. So many people carry secret burdens, like porters carting heavy loads. But our hearts are not loving enough to read peoples’ faces to discern the meaning of their wrinkled brows, their tired eyes or their sad faces.


Praise God, there is One who knows the hearts of men and their heavy burdens. He is God’s love incarnate; His name is Jesus Christ. He does not punish us for our sins, nor reject us because of our wickedness. He knows the longings of your heart for upright living and knows the reasons for your failures. He can heal the wounds of every tired and heavily laden sinner.


Your life lies bare before Christ. He can see through you, as can the Holy God. He loves you and calls you; He will help you if you come to Him. Are you burdened with problems and worries? You need a Savior to rid you of sin and fear. Come to Christ and commit your problems to Him; confess your sins before Him. He will calm your troubled soul, cleanse you from sin, and repair what went wrong in your past.


He will not leave you alone. He will share your burdens with you. He invites you into a partnership with Him, using His yoke as a picture. We know that the "yoke” is used for animals who pull the plough together in the field. Of course the stronger one pulls with greater force. This speaks to us of the all-powerful Christ, how He will share and bear your troubles. What blessing you will find in His fellowship! Jesus’ special "yoke” is that which reconciles you to the Holy God, who will become your heavenly Father. You are not justified before God by keeping the law, or by praying with fasting, but by the cross of Christ. He puts the yoke of His cross upon you, that you may be freed from your sins, and share in His eternal love. The cross unites you with Christ. You will not be alone, but have a new life forever with Him.


If two persons share a common yoke, they have to keep the same speed. If one stays behind, pain will be caused to both and one may even end up with a broken neck. A man must think of the nature and character of his yoke-fellow before he joins up with him.


Christ will show you that His heart is humble, without any pride. Pride is Satan’s peculiar sin. Jesus left His glory and became a servant of men. So if you desire to walk with Him bearing His yoke, you will no longer be able to glory in yourself, but become a sincere servant to all.


Christ calls you to fellowship under His yoke, to prepare the field for the Gospel. He will free you, cleanse you and enable you to serve God, though you may be weary, sinful and weak. This privilege does not come from our effort, but from the power of Jesus alone! His presence with you will give you abundant life, transform you, and you will soon find that His yoke is easy and His burden is light, for He is love.


When this grace of Christ takes hold of you, you will be able to give joy and praise and power to others. The blood of Christ cleanses you, and His Holy Spirit will vitalize your life. You will no longer be taken up with your burdens and troubles, you will be aware of the tired faces around you, and be able to comfort sad hearts.


Fellowship with Christ will enable you to win others for Him. The Savior of the world is working together with you. So you will plant the seeds of His love and prepare for the great harvest. There is no greater honor in the world than the sharing of Christ’s yoke. It is pure joy and delight to live with Him and serve Him.


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